We’re world-leaders in our industry.

Our expertise, technology and reach all set us apart. And help our customers enjoy a competitive advantage.

We’re in this position because of our culture. It’s something we value, and we understand its impact on our success.

So we protect it, to help us maintain our advantage. And to help our customers maintain theirs.

Our culture includes and encourages:

Attention to detail
Long-term partnerships
Feedback and new ideas
The freedom to innovate
Outstanding quality as standard
Open and direct communication
Rigorous testing and quality control
Ambition, for our customers and ourselves
Creating and adding value for our customers
The belief that a successful business can and should be ethical

You could say these all define excellence. We say they all describe IMET.

Our commitment to the environment

We’re dedicated to protecting our limited natural resources.
We believe it’s possible to both minimize the environmental impact of mining for raw materials while maximizing the value of existing materials.

So we’re adopting and developing the most sustainable practices we can, to reduce our own carbon footprint and help our customers reduce theirs.

Because we don’t just want to be a world leader in our own industry. We want to be a world leader as a sustainable business too.

Our reputation is our reference

Ruaraidh Williamson

Think about the last time you flew. There’s every chance the plane you sat in contained materials we’ve touched.

I’m aware of this every time I fly. It’s one of the reasons I’m so proud of IMET Alloys.

I have confidence in every aspect of this company and every person who works in it.

If you’d like to find out more about us, please come and see us at any one of our facilities around the globe. You’re welcome to have a look at what we do and talk to anyone from the team. We’ll all give you the same message.

Or you can talk to any of our customers. They include the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and melters.
We live and breathe superalloys and have a clear focus on the future. So it’s not just that we’re the only company who can handle both legacy and next-generation alloys with ease.
It’s that we’re defining the superalloy and titanium industry’s future materials management programmes and processing techniques.

We’re going to continue to drive change. To deliver quality. And to invest in our technology and our people.

To build on our success. And yours.

Ruaraidh Williamson


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