World-leading quality and service don’t just happen.

They take drive, vision and investment. The desire and ability to create change. And unrivaled depths of expertise.

That’s IMET.

And is why we’re the only company with the advanced technology necessary to manage and process revert from the next-generation alloys you use today.

We keep pace with change in your industry. And drive it in ours.

We buy, sell, process and manage titanium and superalloy materials.

And we do what others can’t.

Our management systems and processing techniques are the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly in the world.

They continue to define the industry standard.

They’re why we can process next-generation alloys.

Why we give you 24/7 real-time control of your materials flow, where they are always 100% traceable and visible.

Why we deliver unrivalled quality.

Why we maximize your return.

And why we do all this at minimum cost to the environment.

What we do for you

Because we make it more cost-effective for you to innovate using next-generation alloys, we help you stay competitive. Our services help you:

Get maximum value from your titanium and superalloys
Meet your rigorous quality standards
Enjoy complete control of your materials flow
Spend less on raw materials
Keep your production costs down
Keep your production running smoothly
Cut down on the environmental impact of mining for raw materials

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead we design and deliver all our services to meet the specific needs of each of our customers. So we’ll always ask, ‘How can we best work together?’ rather than say, ‘Here’s what we’ll do for you.’

Our aim is to develop long-term partnerships. Our customers and suppliers include some of the world’s major engine manufacturers and leading mills. We have the ambition and capacity to work with more.

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